General diving ban at pond of Ekeren (16/01/2021)


Scanproject - Pond of Ekeren.

AVOS has been involved in scientific projects around the pond of Ekeren for years. A few years ago, research was carried out regarding the fish stock. This month, a side scanner will map the full bottom profile of our dive site. In order not to endanger the work and safety of persons and materials:

  • Saturday, January 16th: General diving ban from 07:00 to 13:00 h.
  • Sunday, January 17th: Stay on the west side of the jetty. Absolute dive ban on the east side due to scanning activities.

The AVOS board will supervise the whole period.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Board AVOS

Muisbroek - Guidelines (COVID-19)


Update 12-11-2020

Domain Muisbroek - the pond of Ekeren can only remain open if strict compliance with the applicable regulations is observed. Federal, provincial, and urban COVID-19 measures shall at all times take precedence over our guidelines.

For detailed information, see our COVID-19 Guidelines page.