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3D Models

Ben van Asselt
Ben van Asselt

Below you will find the 3D models of the images you can find in the put van Ekeren, these 3D models were made by Ben van Asselt. Ben combines underwater filming with a passion for wrecks. In the pond of Ekeren Ben filmed the statues with the aim of an exercise for the great work of bringing wrecks in detail. However, this exercise has become a very successful project, which allows non-divers to view the statues without having to go water. Modeling objects based on three-dimensional video enables research without being underwater. Through 3D-videos, maritime archaeologists can investigate wrecks without taking into account air consumption and decompression stages.
(Resource: NELOS Hippocampus 268 - My buddy)


Amphora statue


Amphora diving club was at the cradle when AVOS was founded. Following the 40-year anniversary of Amphora (1966-2006), AVOS's approval resulted in a statue being sinked into the pond of Ekeren. The statue is signed with the name ‘Joppe’, a pseudonym for André de Bruyn. The statue was designed and forged by André, an art blacksmith and a former member of Amphora.

The meaning Joppe has tried to express in the monument is as follows: The plate where the name Amphora is cut represents an amfoor and the link to the club is quite obvious. The small rings around the amfoor symbolize new members who are trained by the club. The big rings are a symbol of the members who have grown to monitor, instructor, board member, organizer and who are committed to training and guiding new members. The whole is the shape of a baptismal shell and represents the club that embraces these new and old members and thus forms one large family.




In 1999, sculptor Monique Donckers made the image ‘Buddy’ and donated it to diving school ‘Antwerp Wet Wheels’, on the occasion of her 5-year anniversary.

‘Wet Wheels’ are diving schools for physically disabled people and their supervisors. In the diving sport, the term ‘buddy’ is used for the person with whom you dive underwater. Disabled divers always have two companions, two buddy’s. Hence the three faces of the picture.

The image was formally sunk, with the permission of AVOS, by the team of late Louis Lathouwers, at that moment responsible for the intervention team of the Antwerp Fire Brigade. The pond's accessibility made it possible for every diver to admire the image.

After the statue was destroyed by vandals, Monique Donckers was prepared to sculpt a new version. In April 2004 this image was placed in the well of Ekeren. To discourage vandals this time with a heavier base.