Pond of Ekeren



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Route description

Arriving from Breda, follow the E-19 to Antwerp. While driving on the ring of Antwerp, take exit A-12 toward Bergen op Zoom for about 3 km before the sportpaleis.

If you come from Brussels (E19) / Hasselt (E313) / Gent (E17), then follow the ring around Antwerp in the direction of Breda. About 3 km after the sportpaleis (exit Deurne) take exit A-12 toward Bergen op Zoom.

On this motorway (A12), take the first exit No.16 toward “Antwerpen-Ekeren-kaai 1 - 490".

At the end of the exit you will reach traffic lights. Continue straight on there, toward the harbor. After the third traffic light, continue straight on over a viaduct. At the next traffic light, keep following the road and make a right turn toward quay, 466 – 486…772.

Keep following this road and on your left you will find the Churchildok. On your right in front of the Churchikdok there is a small sign “recreation area Muisbroek" at the beginning of a road.

Turn right into Ekersedijk and pass the railway. Here is a road with cobblestones where you will see the car park at the end on the left. Behind the parking runs a small river, walk over the bridge and you arrive at the put of Ekeren.