Website login procedure


New way to login to the AVOS website

From now on, you can no longer login to the AVOS website by using his/her NELOS number and first name. Previously, this was mainly used to enable NELOS members to subscribe for AVOS activities. However, AVOS wishes to offer more functionalities via the website to both NELOS members and non-NELOS diving permit holders in the near future. In order to achieve this, the login procedure must be amended.

You must register once using his NELOS number and date of birth, or with a valid diving permit number and date of birth. Afterwards, you can login with the email address and password provided. You are not required to register, you can still apply for diving permits without an account. NELOS members can register without a valid diving permit, they can only subscribe for AVOS activities and do not use the extra functionalities at the Pond of Ekeren. Registration of non-NELOS members is only applicable for individual diving permits (1 and 3 years) as well as diving permits (1 and 3 years) obtained through the diving club with which one is affiliated. Day passes and training permits are excluded, which means that you cannot register.

If you register, NELOS members can register for AVOS activities, just as before. NELOS and non-NELOS members can therefore view the permits, which are linked to their account, as well as obtain the QR code from their active diving permit. In the near future, there will be additional functionalities that will be available for use with his account and QR code. Permit holders with an individual diving permit can also extend it through their account.