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AVOS Diving clubs

Members of diving clubs affiliated with AVOS pay € 10,00 for a diving permit valid for 36 months. For divers with disabilities and young divers, the relevant AVOS clubs can apply for price discounts. The permits are requested by the club secretary.


None-AVOS Diving clubs

Members of dive clubs who are not members of AVOS pay € 10,00 for a 12-month diving permit or € 25,00 for a 36-month diving permit. The permits are requested by the club secretary.



If you are not a member of a diving club, you cannot enjoy the discounted club rate. For an individual diving permit you pay € 15,00 or € 40,00 which is valid for 12 months or 36 months respectively. The permit is requested by the individual himself.


Special training permit

A Training Permit is intended for every novice who, as part of his/her accelerated dive training, has to acquire the first experience in stationary waters. This permit, without a name, is linked to the personal permit of the instructive supervisor and is valid only for this purpose. This supervisor must submit the application himself and pays € 50,00, valid for 12 months.


Day permit

Day permits are intended for divers, whether or not affiliated with a diving club, who want to dive in the pond of Ekeren exceptionally once. These permits are valid on the date stated on the permit and pays € 3,00 per day permit.


Long distance swimming

AVOS has been granted permission from the city of Antwerp to issue permits for long-distance swimming in the pond of Ekeren, this specific license can only be applied for in club context and not individually. The price is € 10,00 for a permit valid for 12 months or € 25,00 for a permit valid for 36 months. The permits are requested by the club secretary.