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Update 12-11-2020

Domain Muisbroek - the pond of Ekeren can only remain open if strict compliance with the applicable regulations is observed. Federal, provincial, and urban COVID-19 measures shall at all times take precedence over the following guidelines.

For detailed information, see the official website

Dear divers,

Given the evolution and high level of infection caused by the coronavirus, it will not surprise you that we divers too have to adapt to stricter regulations.

Given that a large number of dive sites have temporarily closed the doors, we expect a large number of divers at the pond van Ekeren in the next few days/weeks. Just as in spring we want to keep the put of Ekeren open for diving. For that, we are more than ever dependant on your help.

The City of Antwerp allows us to further open the put of Ekeren for diving provided that strict compliance with the rules is observed.

In addition to the rules already known (see below), we are obliged to start the following actions with immediate effect:

  • filter block with a permit check is possible at all times and will certainly be in force during the busy period.
  • Divers without a valid permit will be denied access.
  • Keep your permit ready upon arrival.
  • Parking’s to be strictly regulated - the distance rules between cars must be respected. (see also signalization on the ground)
  • Masks are mandatory from arrival to departure.
  • The social distance (1,5 m) must be respected at all times.
  • Strict supervision of behavior on the pontoon.
  • No tables and chairs at the parking.
  • After the dive, you are asked to leave the property as soon as possible.

Note that the police have announced regular patrolling and no further announcements will be made. To put it in the words of a minister, "playtime is over".

Generally, we find that our guidelines are being followed up properly. We are pleased about this and we are all grateful to you for that. Only through consistent respect for the agreements can we keep our beloved put open.

It is a very difficult and fragile balance between health and safety on the one hand and enjoying our diving on the other. Thick merci to anyone who helps us to maintain this discipline.

We thank you for your understanding and together we keep the pond open!

The AVOS board.


Keep an eye on this page, any changes will be posted on this page first.

Enjoy diving! Keep it safe and courteous!


Divers guidelines (Summary)

  • Carpooling: Only inside your bubble.
  • Mask: Mandatory
  • Club diving: Forbidden
  • Parking
    • Minimum 1.5 m distance between cars (respect the signalization)
    • Parking full: Wait for access road or come back later.
    • Parking: No (party) tents or caravans taking extra place.
  • Diving
    • Social distance min. 1.5 m also during the briefing.
    • Whet Wheelers: Max. 2 escorts where allowed.
    • Maximum dive depth: 15m!
    • Exercises: According to guidelines of your federation
    • Night diving: Allowed again for the time being. Please note the Limitation of the night clock!
    • Second automatic unit required for each diver.
  • The scaffold or stairs: Only allowed entry and exit points.
    • Respect the social distance of 1.5 m
    • Landing stage: Mandatory with a jump from the platform.
    • Jetty exit point: Required by stairs or ladder
    • Bridge: Only 1 person on the bridge.
    • Traffic jam? Wait patiently for your turn.
  • Prevention
    • Disinfect regulators etc. when exchanging between divers.
    • Touching buddy equipment => disinfect hands!

AVOS vzw